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Cut Ups


  1. Find a nice broad big texty site, may I suggest, alternatively a single text can be cut up to discover new meanings.

  2. Open a blank text message.

  3. Run around the site cutting and pasting, as fast as you can, whatever takes your fancy into the text file. Don't do this in order but post right into the middle of previous grabs. Who gives a shit about a few ruptured words? You can also paste the same cut many times.

  4. When you feel you have enough raw stuff, work through it from the start, deleting stuff and altering capitalisation and punctuation so that it makes sense. Sense is a relative term. You may even wish to change words or write stuff. Hey why not? Its a good idea to be pretty ruthless and delete lots so that you remove what the quote meant in the first place and create new meanings.

  5. Don't expect to produce stuff of the same quality as if you actually sweated it out. It's easy, OK?

  6. Obviously this is just a cheap modern update of William Burroughs cut-up technique. All hail Burroughs!!!!

  7. An example cut up is "Plaice with a chainsaw", a "poem" in this case.

  8. Similar things can be done in art, its called "collage" and in music where it is called "sampling".

  9. Make your own cut-ups! Then send them to us! They might even end up in this section!

Plaice with a chainsaw


I would like to see a plaice with a chain saw. Boy, there's no
End to things that could go wrong....especially if there
Is a house or building within reach.
You also could end life.
Experiences tonal system failure.
As you can't turn off your brain.

Replaying worst case scenario's,
Reliving pain, despair and horror.
Of cutting-edge,
Sports, light-hearted.

Generation of Remote Viewers,
We'll meet the monarchy,
I was of the Common,
Hey so many of them out there,
With visions given to them and they are seeking

Mediums through which the stories would be told.
It takes a fire to set

A forest ablaze.

The CNN Blues


An amendment prohibiting public desecrations
Of prominent symbols of the country.
Who knows? they dont make them who they are.
Dont think. Just blindly obey.

Specific time consideration. We have decided to review nature
And mail snipers to Saddam Hussein.
So next time youre standing in line next to a freak,
Dont learn anything. Dont think.
No matter what they look like just blindly obey.

I am tired... so tired, of politics attempting to
Publicly scorn, ridicule,
One's own protests.
While hiding also from the truth of their cheap ridiculousness.
While only expressing avidity for power.

There may appear to be a leader who is,
Undoubtedly the first thing you notice,
Holding the reins and keeping things in check,
And is still popular today.
"True patriotism" grandstanding.
Dont do anything unless we tell you to do it.
Dont think. Just blindly obey.

And its,
Important for us to realize that,
Long after we've closed the books,
In our minds maybe,
People are all inherently human.

Civil Disobedience


She gets her license back,
Just keeps hanging,
"What I need, I need is..."
Cried about what my sister,
Will give to you.
And then we have to go over politics.
That government is best with her...
Thoreau's influence anyways.

Mother had to drop these magnificient creatures,
Within striking distance.
Fledge at the same time, "I could live..."
"Leave" my sister told me "For marriage..."
He said I could stay.

Sharing modern Europe,
The residents had changed their minds,
And the young tend towards,
Civil Disobedience.

Thoreau opens his eyes,
"I have seen some fabulous ghost touch on history"

Korean Stir Fry : Cut Up Dog


The peak moments dispenser,
Is drinking Squid profanities.
Flashing Brains know,
It was plaggering the tabs.

Its conspiracy puposea,
Armlightning fast,
It will turn king,
Like a frog.

Tap the Nap,
With his fairly normal looks,
Built a trap out of a myth,
And a gun out of a lego toadstool.

The peak moments dispenser,
Fearing the Mod not,
Gothmissed the Vatican dancers,
That had Come To Be Bad.

Tap the Nap,
Armlightning fast,
Gusted its blomy peanuts. THUD!
It was exposed nude.

The peak moments dispenser,
Was thinking there would be,
Thinwinterhoped anyway,
A verse about,
Sunny peaks covered in tinfoil,
But there wasn't.