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Talking of Beep Boop Music

A collection of Youtube Playlists with full permissions to embed kindly granted from NoStereo, Armageddon Speaking, Richard S, Leaving Richmond & Beep Beat Bards.
Expect more links and possibly even playlists when we get them! If you are featured on this page, and want your embed changing, you know where we are!
We offer our deepest thanks and appreciation to all who have chosen to partake in this mini-project of ours.
Please support these artists in any way you can. We have provided a number of options below each playlist (external links), where possible.

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Armageddon Speaking
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Richard S
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Leaving Richmond
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Beep Beat Bards
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If you wish to be part of this endeavour to share good indie beep boop music, we can reached via our offsite email account, ahdkaw [at] gmail [dot] com or DM @blundshock on Twitter. We do this for the artists, not for us. And… because we been at this web game for so long, our SEO is top-notch, in a few days the search engines will be all over this like a rash.

We have added headers to this page that should ensure it is no longer cached upon visits, but if the playlists still look all messed up for you, then please try a hard refresh (Ctrl F5), and it should fix itself.

Additionally, should you be curious where the term, 'talking of beep boop music' came from you may find the answer by watching our oldest stream on Youtube, specifically Stranded Deep - Day 13+ from 2016 (Creative Commons licence, not monetised and never will be). It's within the first ten seconds.