Welcome to Sensibilium!

Photo of Jelly, blue roan cocker-spaniel, may she rest in peace

We are a community website that began on the 23rd January 1999, moved to this domain name on the 15th May 2000, and published writings up until the late aught's. A number of members from this old community are still in contact, and from time-to-time may release a new story or chapter in an ongoing story. At this present time, the only unfinished work with expectations of further updates is Rise of Tyannahn by blundashock.

The doggo photo is of Jelly, my beloved, much missed, blue roan cocker-spaniel, whom I got from a rescue centre, and she couldn't have been a nicer girl if she tried. She died peacefully in her basket in front of a warm fire. May she forever rest in peace.

We run a non-public discord server, if you wish to join, simply send a message either via Mastadon or email, the details of which can be found in the footer.

Artwork & Guess

Spasms' Gumbo is an interactive art gallery, you have to locate the clickable areas to get deeper into the gallery. It will unfortunately produce horizontal scroll on small screens.

Guess the String is a fun bit of a coding test for coders like blundashock, who put this little brainteaser together a long time ago, and we've left it there ever since.

Our Writings

All content is the rightful/wrongful property of the authors, credit/blame and a link back to this site would be appreciated.

The original Land of Thud, which consisted of many hundreds of entries across multiple threads from numerous contributors and spawned a lot of spin-off stories, has been lost to the mists of time and will not be republished. A short dream sequence of the place can be found.

Our remaining published works can be found below, ordered by most recent update. Stories/collections attributed to 'spamgun' are multi-authored.

What we do & what we don't

Disclaimer: We don't use trackers, fingerprinters, ad-networks, etc.
Reclaimer: We do use Transport Layer Security across our entire site, ensuring you tip-top privacy whilst here.
Open & Free: Be sure to check our source code, no third-parties, see? Not even Google. Support Free Software.
Source Code Cleanliness: We try to keep our source code within 80 columns, but we're not super-accurate about that.
Simple CSS: We try to keep CSS usage to a minimum, ensuring minimal bandwidth usage for internet connections as slow as the 1990s.
Anti-Spam: We do not send emails from this domain, if you receive one purporting to be from here, delete it.
Anti-Crack: We do not use Wordpress so you can stop searching for wp-login.