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We are a community website that began in 1999, and ran up until the late aught's. All content is the rightful/wrongful property of the authors, credit/blame and a link back to this site would be appreciated (direct links acceptable).

Missing out on some old content? Want to see if I can restore it? Then just email ahdkaw at gmail dot com with a description and/or title and I'll see what I can do. Also please consider updating your old bookmarks, but I am watching the error logs so eventually may add any required redirects.

Our restored content thus far:

The original Land of Thud, which consisted of many hundreds of entries across multiple threads from numerous contributors and spawned a lot of spin-off stories, has been lost to the mists of time and is unlikely to be republished. A short dream sequence of the place can be found.




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2019-01-22: Unpublished everything not a story, content still to be fixed.
2019-01-25: All published writings returned to live status, addition of GuessTheString and MakeHtml.
2019-01-26: Tidyed up the content a touch. Restored Westhaven.
2019-01-27: Added book contents to Writings section. Republished more works including Data Stream.
2019-01-28: More html tidying, improvements to styles. Republished Thud, the Rebirth. Added first chapter of Rise of Tyannahn.
2019-02-04: GuessTheString now uses correct URL on guess submission.