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Latest News: We will be closing this website soon, all thanks must go to the community.

We are a community website that began in 1999, and ran up until the late aught's. All content is the rightful/wrongful property of the authors, credit/blame and a link back to this site would be appreciated (direct links acceptable).

We note that some of our content has been lifted and put elsewhere on the Internets. Whilst we don't really mind (we operate under copyleft), it would be nice if these content-lifters at least acknowledged the source (us). Cuckaracha!

Our restored content thus far:

The original Land of Thud, which consisted of many hundreds of entries across multiple threads from numerous contributors and spawned a lot of spin-off stories, has been lost to the mists of time and is unlikely to be republished. A short dream sequence of the place can be found.


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A collection of tunes from Armageddon Speaking, smash that Like button.


If you have arrived here because a community member spammed it somewhere, welcome.

Further changes will be afoot in the background eventually.

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